Airbrush makeup kit before and after 2017

May 28, 2015

airbrush makeup before and after

Airbrush makeup before and after photos are the most persuasive evidence that airbrush makeup really produces amazing results. Check out how well airbrush makeup has worked out for these women.

1. Dinair Before and After Contest Winner – Emily Miller Makeup Artist

Airbrush makeup fans claim that this makeup system brings out the best in you. Judging from this transformation, this claim appears warranted.

Emily Miller is the winner of the Dinair Before and After Contest. Emily has been using Dinair Airbrush Makeup since 2010 and she talks about how Dinair has been instrumental in helping her build a bridal business that services over 75 bridal parties per year.

She shares, “The makeup is flawless, provides full coverage that lasts all day and night and does not look heavy nor feel heavy.”

airbrush makeup application


2. Dinair Before and After Contest Winner – Krysteanematt Allenduarte Makeup Artist

Krysteanematt has a wonderful experience to share with other women. She recalls, “After a couple of weeks using Dinair not only was I able to cover up my acne and hyperpigmentation but my skin was actually clearing up.”

Krysteanematt works at a skin care clinic and the excellent results she got with airbrush makeup helped her get her confidence back.

how to do airbrush makeup


3. Dinair Before and After Contest Winner – Stephanie Rae Soroczynski Makeup Artist

Stephanie had the same exact experience as Krysteanematt. Stephanie says, “Dinair doesn’t only make you look beautiful, it gives you confidence that you never thought you had.”

airbrush spray makeup


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4. Get Gorgeous By Kelly

Airbrush makeup endows users with a beautiful and healthier glow. Just check out the airbrush makeup work by Kelly W.

airbrush for makeup


5. Before and after airbrush makeup for this vintage inspired look!

Airbrush makeup doesn’t just cover up blemishes or hide spots, it also helps you get a specific look for a special event – just like this chic vintage look.

how to apply airbrush makeup


6. Ariel’s airbrush makeup

If you don’t believe that this type of makeup can make you look younger and more beautiful, just check out these airbrush makeup before and after photos.  Isn’t it amazing how dark circles can be covered so easily? We especially love the work that’s been done on her eyes!

airbrush makeup before and after photos


7. Bridal Makeup

Brides, together with their photographers and makeup artists, are finding airbrush makeup to be very convenient for weddings. Compared to traditional makeup, airbrush makeup gives excellent coverage, makes you look flawless, and lasts longer. It also photographs beautifully!

airbrush makeup before and after picture


8. Brides by Brittany

Here’s another happy bride transformed into her most beautiful self. This bride’s makeup gave her a flawless finish and a radiant and healthy glow.

For a minute there, we thought we were looking at one of our favorite celebrities! Can you guess who??

airbrush makeup before and after


9. Makeup Artistry by Christy & Co.

It’s the same beautiful face but can you see the difference?

airbrush makeup kits


10. Green Eyed Goddess by Kissable Complexions

This beautiful lady with the green eyes and long blonde hair just got even more beautiful. Her makeup opened up her otherwise droopy eyes and made her skin appear more taut and firm. Contouring is easy with experience and a good airbrush system.

airbrush makeup pictures


11. Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir

The right makeup definitely gave this beautiful woman extra oomph! and more glamour. Airbrush makeup is an awesome pick for wedding events and for photo shoot sessions.

airbrush makeup


12. Airbrush Makeup for Weddings

Doesn’t she look gorgeous in her wedding makeup? For brides, one’s wedding day is a fairy tale dream come to life. On this special day, one looks one’s best – with flawless skin, flushed cheeks, shining eyes, and an overall perfect look.

airbrush wedding makeup


13. More bridal makeup

A lot of before and after photos employ some cheat techniques. In the BEFORE photo, they make the model frown, mess up her hair, dress her up in dismal clothing, and put her in bad lighting. In contrast, in the AFTER photo, the model is smiling, hair is coiffed, and clothes are more fashionable. Brightness is also increased for AFTER photos.

In the airbrush makeup before and after photo below though, you can see that no tricks were employed. It’s the same exact face with identical hair and clothing. Even the lighting is the same. The only difference is the application of airbrush makeup which succeeded in improving the natural looks of this beautiful model.

Her dark circles and lines are covered and her skin made flawless with beautiful contouring.



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14. Fantabulous Transformations

Our favorite before and after photo by far!

It begs us ask the question, what if we were all born with flawless skin? What would we look like? Well, we would look like this! Our most beautiful self. Happily, flawless skin is just a spray away with airbrush makeup.

airbrushing makeup


15. Princess Bride

It looks photoshopped but it’s not. It’s simply the magic of airbrush makeup.

airbrush makeups


16. Lovely Lavendar Bride

Isn’t this an inspiring transformation? Girl next door in one photo and glamorous beauty in the next. The right application of makeup can definitely bring about these transformations.

best airbrush makeup


17. Kissable Complexions

Airbrush makeup isn’t just for women with bad acne, blemishes, or scars. Women with good skin can still reap the benefits of good airbrush makeup application. Just ask this stunning beauty in the AFTER photo.

how to airbrush makeup


18. Beauty Bar Wedding Makeup

Unlike the other airbrush makeup before and after photos, there is no earthshaking transformation in the photo below. The bride already has beautiful skin and she looks just as gorgeous in her BEFORE photo as her AFTER photo.

So why use it? Airbrush makeup is a good choice for brides, as we’ve mentioned earlier. Dry scrubbing won’t remove your makeup. It will stay on your face and not get on your beautiful white wedding gown or on your groom’s clothing. It will withstand all the tears, sweat, and hugging from this happy event. It will also make you feel like you’re wearing no make up at all because it’s so lightweight.

A lot of brides happily report that their makeup lasted through their entire wedding and the reception after!

how to use airbrush makeup


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19. Hey Lovely!

This beautiful woman looks like she could be walking a model’s runway in her AFTER photo.

professional airbrush makeup


20. Another Bride By Brittany

We’re very happy for this bride. No doubt that her confidence level got boosted by this new flawless look.

before and after makeup photos


Are you inspired and motivated to try out airbrush makeup yet? Find out your AFTER look and see just how beautiful you can be.


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